It's hilarious how talking about pizza in Maine brings everyone out to comment, and usually in a negative way. It happened to me last summer when I talked about moving to Maine and thinking Pat's Pizza was some of the best pizza I've ever had.

I also called myself a Mainer, which I learned is a huge no-no. Never again, I promise. I've learned to be better, not bitter.

One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube
One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube

All joking aside, there's a pizza review that's gone viral this week and has everyone -- and I mean everyone -- coming out of the woodwork to comment. And even though I fully understand I'm probably going to get roasted in the comments section for this, I'm here to say one thing.

Y'all that are super upset and think this whole thing is a bad representation of Maine are overreacting. Big time.

Just hear me out.

Portland, Maine, Pizza Reviews

A few weeks ago, El Presidente of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, was spotted around Maine doing what he does best -- putting pizza to his face. Fast forward to current times and the videos he shot are just starting to hit the internet now, first trying out Monte's (which has proven to bring a huge increase in sales) before moving on to his second business.

OTTO Portland, Maine

The response to the employee behind the counter in this OTTO review has been insane, mainly because of the portion of the review where the employee behind the counter screams out to Dave,

Pizzaiolo is better!

A quick scroll through the comments section shows mostly reactions predicting her firing, but also a few that mention how embarrassing this is and how it's a horrible representation of Maine.

One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube
One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube

Have you never been 17 years old before and made a mistake? Have you never met somebody famous or who you consider famous and said something that wasn't exactly the smartest? Excuse me while I get on my soapbox a bit, but that's exactly what has partially made social media such a cesspool over the years.

Not only are you no longer allowed, according to social media users anyway, to make a mistake and learn from it, but most of the comments mentioning this employee -- who is still just a teenager, mind you -- being an embarrassment to the entire state are coming from grown adults.

Quite honestly, the only person who should have any reaction about what this employee did is the hierarchy of people she rolls up to in that job -- the manager and owner of OTTO Portland. This poor girl is probably going to lose her job, and as if that's not bad enough, it pales in comparison to having grown adult community members label you as an embarrassment to an entire state.

Let's be better, Maine. All of us.

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