It’s the day of Halloween, a day when everything is a little out of ordinary and everything just a little extra creepy.

Decorations give you a jump scare and costumes make people-watching that much more spectacular, but Halloween is a time when you should be on edge with your guard up.

Your guard should definitely be up today if you’re walking around Portland, Maine.

Balloons in the Drains in Portland, Maine

For those of you who work, live in, or visit Portland, you’re going to get quite the jumpscare today.

While you’re walking to work or getting your coffee, be on the lookout for any unusual behavior or sights. Something creepy is going on.

Whether you believe in ghosts or psychotic clowns or not, Pennywise has made a pit stop in our town. Steer clear of any drains today because you have no idea what’s lurking within.

For those of you who have seen or read Stephen King’s It, you know that a red balloon is a terrifying sight. A red balloon hanging from a drain in the streets can only mean one thing…


The psychotic killer clown is lurking somewhere in Portland and the signs are scattered around the city.

Red balloons are hanging from the drains in different parts of town, a fair warning that a killer clown may be leading you where you shouldn’t go.

Hell, even if you haven’t seen the movie, an ominous red balloon is just creepy.

Just be careful out there today, you guys. I'm not fully convinced that this is only an innocent prank...

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