Yup this is a great example of why we sometimes affectionately refer to Portland, Maine as 'Potland', Maine.

There's no lack of the healing herb around these parts. In fact cannabis is plentiful here to the point that it apparently growing just outside the the Portland Police Department on Middle Street.

Check out this photo shared on Facebook today. It seems to symbolize how law enforcement and marijuana can coexist peacefully.


In the picture taken by Eliot Weaver and shared by Maine author Crash Barry via the O'Chang Comics page, it appears that there is some weed maturing quite nicely in a very surprising location this summer. Or I should say, it was.

I drove by this morning before reporting for rock duty at the Blimp, and I couldn't see in person what I'd seen on my news feed this morning.

Oh well, that was fun for a minute. It is also amazing to me that it got that big without being noticed sooner. Stay mellow, 'Potland'.

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