The Portland International Jetport has flies nearly 2 million people in and out of Portland a year. But are they actually arriving in Portland or South Portland?

It can be confusing. The main entrance to the Jetport using International Drive is in Portland but the entrance using Jetport Boulevard is in South Portland. So what city are people actually landing in. The answer is that it could be both.

The Jetport is officially in Portland because the city owns and operates it. However this Google Map view of the Jetport shows that the border between Portland and South Portland goes right through the runways.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The terminal hugs the border and is in Portland, but the main runway lies completely in South Portland while the other lies mostly in Portland. Planes coming in for a landing from the north will land in Portland while all other directions will land in South Portland.

Just another useless fun fact. Enjoy.

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