Lids keeps releasing jersey info

Leading up to the Super Bowl last week, sports apparel company Lids decided to release information on the most sold NFL team jerseys in all 50 states, as well as the most sold NFL player jerseys in all 50 states. And when it comes to Northern New England -- for the most part, none of it made any sense.

According to Lids, a Patriots player didn't even have the most sold jersey in Maine. In fact, they didn't even have a Patriots player listed as the most sold jersey in New Hampshire, either.

While you can make a case that they had it decently right with Tom Brady being the most sold jersey in New Hampshire -- and in turn, the Buccaneers having the most sold team jerseys in the 603 as well -- their stats for Maine just don't make any sense. Not at all.

Lamar Jackson has the most sold NFL jersey in Maine? Really?

It literally makes zero sense. What tie to Maine does Lamar have? According to the NFL's bio on him, he's from Pompano Beach, Florida -- nowhere near Vacationland. Not to mention, in their own little map breakout above, Lamar has the most-sold player jersey in Maine, but the most-sold team jersey is the New England Patriots?

Make it make sense, Lids. How is our hometown team the most sold team jersey in Maine, we randomly have a Baltimore Ravens player as the most sold player jersey? Get outta here.

Lids just released the most sold NBA jerseys

With the NBA All-Star Game coming up this weekend, Lids was back at it with releasing jersey info, this time for the most sold NBA team and player jersey. And once again, none of it makes sense. According to Lids, Maine's most sold team AND player jersey aren't even from the United States!

Vince Carter? The Toronto Raptors? Is this some kind of joke? What, because a small chunk of Maine borders Canada, automatically we're all Team Canada? Actually, does Lids just assume that Maine is part of Canada so clearly we must be all about Vince Carter and the Raptors?

Does New Hampshire really love LeBron James that much?

And tell me how in the realm of this universe and reality that New Hampshire, a well-known portion of Celtics Country, would EVER pick the Los Angeles Lakers as their most-preferred team jersey?! Not to mention, as much as Gen Z happens to love LeBron James and think he's the best basketball player ever (they're wrong, it's Michael Jordan), how his jersey would be more sold than any Celtics player's jersey?

Hey Lids -- tell me how you clearly have some feud with Maine and New Hampshire without actually saying you have a feud with Maine and New Hampshire. Maybe you should just stick to selling hats and not trying to be some statistical genius.

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