Here's your Maine weather fun fact for the day. According to our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray, it was warmer on Christmas Day 2020 than it was this past 4th of July in Augusta. Yup. The high temperature in our state Capital was 57 degrees on Sunday... which ties the lowest max temperature on record for Augusta for the 4th of July. This past Christmas day, it was 60 degrees, also a record.

Portland's high temp on the 4th was a measly 62-the third-lowest max temperature on that date. Last year Portland had its coolest July 4th in more than 20 70 degrees. We crushed that with our 62 this year!  Concord, New Hampshire, was slightly better with a high of 69, tying for its 3rd lowest max temperature for a 4th.

Here's the tale of the two holidays from the NWS in Gray: 


Not to worry, the warm temperatures (and crazy humidity) are back today. Check out these expected Heat Indexes for today. Stay hydrated out there!'s either 55 or 95 this summer. Take your pick. The cool 4th of July weekend comes off the warmest June on record for Portland.




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