Today is Global Beatles Day, and all around the world fans are celebrating not just the music of the Beatles; but their influence on pop-culture, future musicians and their message of world peace and love.

In 1960 four lads from Liverpool, England came together to form the band that would become the Beatles. Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon would go on to be some of the most creative, experimental, influential and controversial musicians in rock history.

Faith Cohen, obviously a huge Beatles fan, came up with Global Beatles Day in 2009. Faith selected this date because it was on June 25th 1967 when the band's first worldwide broadcast happened on the BBC. Their message to the world was, "All You Need Is Love".

Unfortunately, because of the freaking pandemic all of the usual festivals and shows associated with today have been cancelled. However, you can find online celebrations and I would like to share some live music from the guys with you through the magic of video. It's nice to see them again.

That was a nice appetizer, but only a full Beatles concert will satisfy. Enjoy this 1966 show from Washington, D.C..

Harmony and peace were the forefront of the Beatles' message. But let's face it, they also captured us by singing about Glass Onions, Yellow Submarines and Octopus' Gardens as well.

They had a strong influence on fashion, art, sexuality and culture all over the world. I loved that the Beatles didn't stay "one thing". They grew and evolved as a band and as individuals and never were pigeon holed into one spot. I think that was a great example for all of us. By changing, they also proved that they truly were inclusive. They were the clean-cut, suit-wearing band; they were the bed-in, pot smoking, Maharishi-following hippies; they were social activists and they were sometimes hoodlums.

Today makes me happy-sad. Happy that they left such a mark, but sad that we've lost George and John. Happy that we still have Paul and Ringo, but sad that we are still so far way from the idyllic world that the Beatles imagined and sang about.

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