The Fryeburg Fair is the social event of the season and something that I look forward to every year. It's winding down, but it's not over yet. Go to to get a full schedule and to buy your tickets online so that you don't have to wait IN line when you get there.

Aside from being Maine's largest agricultural fair with thousands of animals, it's also a great show case for Maine crafters and artisans. I bought pottery, some Limoncello almonds and sterling silver earrings.

I also took some pictures to share with you. There's nothing cuter than a cow getting a shower and this one seemed very happy with her spa day.


This is the fluffy gray chicken that I got to hold. I have loved these birds since I saw them at my first visit to the Fryeburg Fair and it was a thrill to hold one. He was calm and sweet and seemed to like me. It made my day to meet him. Thank you to the farmer that had heard me talking about my love for them on the BLM Morning Show and reached out for the Meet and Greet. It was almost as cool as meeting Motley Crue. Almost.

Gray Chicken

This monstrosity is my idea of heaven. I did not fall to its powers this year, and I was so proud of myself. But man, it smelled so good.

Totally Fried

Bingo was hoppin'.


I fought the urge to shed my clothes and jump into the Mainely Tubs display tub. I did spend fifteen minutes dragging my hand through the bubbly water and playing in the jets up to my elbow.

hot tub

I bought two small bowl from this potter. The birch looking pottery was so gorgeous and original.


You want to win a super huge prize? You'll have to upgrade to a king bed if you win one of these guys.


I missed Maine Maple Sunday this year but a trip through the fair's Sugar House scratched that itch. Again, it smelled so good.

Sugar House

The fair ends late Sunday afternoon, you still have time to check out live music, lots of animals, demonstrations, carnival rides and games and the fair food that you dream about the rest of the year.

Buy your tickets online at to save time getting in.

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