So, it looks like things could not have gone any better for Patriots during their bye week. The Colts will go to KC to play the Chiefs. And the Chargers beat the Ravens 23-17 today. So it will be the Chargers who have to go cross-country again this week to play our Patriots. The Blimp will have the game for you 1pm on Sunday. Now, if the Colts beat the Chiefs next week and the Pats roll over the Chargers, the AFC Championship Game would be at Gillette Stadium where the Pats are undefeated this year, Home field, baby!

The last time the Pats and Chargers played was Week 8 in 2017.

Here's your Patriots/Chargers Playoff Fun fact to impress everyone at work tomorrow....


Are you ready for Pats vs. Chargers? We're gonna need #EVERYTHINGWEGOT


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