Troy and Mark are here to help us brush up on our knowledge of the friggin' nasty little vampires and hopefully we don't literally brush up with them this season.

They are the stars of the almost weekly series, Welcome To Maine on YouTube and Facebook.

Since last August, Troy and Mark have been our tour guides to all things weird and wonderful in the Pine Tree State. So far, they've checked in from Portland Head Light, The Desert of Maine, The Moxie Store in Lisbon Falls, B & M Baked Beans in Portland, the Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Stephen King's house, the Cryptozoology Museum, and more.

Well, the weather is finally getting nicer and nice every day. And as we spend more time in the great Maine outdoors, we really gotta make sure we keep in mind that the ticks are back.

According to the Center for Disease Control, you don't have to go wicked deep into the woods for one of these unwanted hitchhikers to muckle on to you, they may be right in your own backyard. So next time you come back inside, make sure you check yourself. And don't forget those nether regions too.

Troy hilariously explains to folks from here and from away what we should know about ticks. For instance, he teaches us that dog ticks and deer ticks are the most common ticks in Maine and what the difference is between them. Mark stays consistent with his acknowledgment of Troy's tick-fact sharing with his affirming responses of  "Yuht" and "Oh Yuht".

The boys have included some language this time around that may be offensive to some. They have bleeped the naughty words. But, you can easily figure out what is said. just a little heads up for any sensitive religious types.

Troy and Mark also created a graphic acronym help us out.

  • Feel
  • Undress
  • Check
  • Kill


Troy and Mark are played by Portland comics James Theberge and Ian Stuart.

These talented comedians can be found performing live stand-up for social distanced audiences at Stroudwater Distillery on Thompson's Point in Portland. The shows are on Thursdays at 7pm.  

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