Maine is in the process of dealing with the first true heatwave that we have had in several years.

Yes, we have had a few hot days each summer, but the high temperatures never really lasted for more than a day or two.

This week is different.

After having normal late spring temperatures on Monday, the heat got turned up!  Tuesday was partly sunny, with temperatures in the mid-90s.  Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be in the upper 90s and humid.

It is important to keep in mind that the humidity will make it feel way hotter than the predicted temperature.  It is not uncommon for a high temperature of 95 degrees to feel more like 105 degrees.

It looks like we are going to be getting a break from the heat on Friday.  According to, the temperatures are expected to drop to around 80 degrees on Friday.

Looking ahead, it appears that we will have temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s through the Independence Day holiday.

As we continue to deal with this week's steamy weather, we bet you have been wondering about the highest temperatures ever recorded in Central Maine.  You're not alone.  We have been thinking the same thing.

What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Augusta and Waterville?

After doing some digging, we've come up with the answer.

According to the Plant Maps website, the highest temperature ever recorded in Augusta, Maine, was 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  That broiling temperature was recorded on August 5, 1955.

The website notes that the highest temperature ever recorded in Waterville was 101 degrees.  That temperature was recorded on August 2, 1975.

Other record highs recorded in Central Maine include 103 degrees recorded in Gardiner on August 2, 1975.  A whopping 104 degrees was recorded in Farmington on July 10, 1911.

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