After months of sifting through applications and going through the "process," the city of Augusta, Maine, has officially named Deputy Chief Kevin Lully the new full-time police chief.

Following former Chief Jared Mills' retirement from the force several months ago, Lully had been working as "interim chief."

Though now city officials are excited to remove the term 'interin' from his title, the Kennebec Journal reported.

City Manager Susan Robertson told the Kennebec Journal in part,

“He’s done a great job preparing himself to become police chief. He’s transitioned through nearly every position in the police department during his tenure, so he’s knowledgeable about all aspects of police operations, and he has great experience in the community.”

She also noted in the article his interpersonal skills, his smarts and how he is committed to do is best job for Augusta.

Lully told the KJ said he is excited about his new role.

"It seems like each promotion and opportunity I was able to participate in allowed me to view things from a little bit different lens, giving glimpses of what I might be interested in doing. My aspirations changed, about the time I was promoted to lieutenant,” he said to the newspaper.

A Facebook post from the Augusta Police Department, with some great pictures from photographer Dave Dotsie, congratulated Lully and noted the City Council unanimously voted him in.

"Congratulations Chief Lully and we here could not be more excited for your continued leadership of the department," the police department said in the Facebook post.

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