This is one of those highly embarrassing "shaking my head" moments.

Yesterday afternoon, I was perched on my porch painting with my wife, Nelly enjoying the day and the hard work when something hilarious happened.

Over the course of my life, I've unintentionally created moments that have transformed into hilarious party stories.

So as we're on the porch we see the familiar brown UPS truck roll down the street, and of course, my heart did a little dance of anticipation.

You see, there's this wonderful UPS driver, let's call him Ted. Ted always has a way of making my day with his cheerful honk, to me, when he is done delivering his package.

So every time I am outside and Ted delivers, he honks, I give a friendly wave and in my delightfully deluded mind have convinced myself that his honk is specifically for me.

If I were single, this would be the greatest meet-cute and beginning of a rom com.

So, when Ted pulled up, I was ready to received his loving honk. I prepared my wave and was excited for Janelle to see this happy connection as well!

And of course, Ted delivered a perfectly timed honk that I knew was meant just for me! I waved back and felt like the star of my own little neighborhood tv show.

However, my moment of self-absorbed happiness was very short-lived.

Janelle, my educated wife, let me in on a "well-known fact." Ted's friendly honk was not just for me, at all, in fact to signal the neighbor that his packaged had been delivered.

Apparently UPS drivers honk every time they leave after they deliver to ensure that the person in the home knows they were there.

All the while I am thinking that it was a personal honk, just for me. So there I was, frozen realizing that my love affair with the UPS driver was one-sided.

So I learned a valuable lesson, sometimes, a honk isn't a declaration of secret affection but instead a practical signal to the neighbor that their package has arrived.

Should I keep waving?

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