It's that time of year again, when the great city of Lewiston offers free movies at the charming Pettingill School Park!

The great folks of the L/A Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Lewiston Police come together to present this connective and fun summer event that will take place midweek throughout the summer.

Take a break to experience some fun family time. The park is located on 411 College Street in the heart of Lewiston, not far from Bates College. Last year, I drove by a similar event at the park, and had to pull over because it looked so perfect and beautiful. It was just like a scene from a Hallmark movie!

 Check out the movie schedule below, and choose one or more to enjoy with your family!

What you can expect

Attendees can expect a midweek summer night in the park filled with laughter, community spirit, and a super cool movie for the whole family! The aroma of fresh popcorn will fill the air, and just like the "old days", you can all crowd together on the lawn to watch a film! The best part? It's FREE!

Before the movie, you can experience various activities provided by Geiger Bros to take part in with the kiddos at 6:00pm.

The movie will be showcased at 7:30pm. On this particular night, it's DreamWorks' Puss in Boots! This film came out 13 years ago, but like a cat, it has nine lives because it never get old. Watch the YouTube trailer below for a refresh!

As the sun sets, the magic begins. I love movies in the park (any park, really). It doesn't matter to me. It takes me back to a simpler time. Everyone jumps on their blankets and chairs, ready to enjoy a film outside under the stars.

The big screen will light up, and the kids will get bright-eyed. Parents, there is nothing better then when your kids' eyes light up, right? Then when a funny part takes place in the film and everyone laughs? It's electric! And Lewiston deserves to laugh for the rest of our lives.

Take a peak at the event page for more information!

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