Grab your fork and get ready to dig into another one of my favorite bakeries in Maine.

Ladies and gentle-dudes, I announce the renowned, Two Fat Cats Bakery. They have locations in Portland and South Portland, Maine.

These mouthwatering goodies have garnered a very loyal following, including yours truly, and widespread buzz.

They have a tantalizing array of options on their menu, but as I was scrolling through there Facebook recently, I came across an extremely unique treat that I cannot wait to try.

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I love trying and indulging in rare treats from various bakeries and this one called my name! This one,  I couldn't look away from.

It's tiny, small and sweet and is called an Apricot-Filled Hamantaschen.  This treat is enjoyed on the Jewish holiday of Purim which took places on March 23rd, according to the post. 

This was posted on their Facebook page and it looks delicious.

According to Marth Stewart, the queen of goodies, a Hamantaschen is not just a cookie, but a cookie with a backstory.

Martha says, 

"Hamantaschen are always three-cornered pastries. "Haman is the villain in the story of Purim, and the triangular shape is said to represent Haman's hat,"'

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, the pastries symbolize the defeated enemy of the Jewish people, Haman. "Tash" means "pouch" or "pocket" in Yiddish.

This pastry brings joy and celebrating, and I'm thrilled it's being shared at Two Fat Cats Bakery. Exploring different cultures through food and enjoying delicious treats always  fosters connection and love among us all.

Beyond this treat, Two Fat Cats Bakery also offers so many other baked goods like,  cookies, cakes, pie, and pastries, all made with the same love.If you are e a local looking for your new favorite dessert be sure to stop by Two Fat Cats Bakery and experience the magic of their treats for yourself. Once you visit, you'll understand why they've earned so much praise in the Maine world of baking!

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