They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say this picture is worth a thousand drools, because that's exactly what happens to my mouth when I stare at it for too long.

I am declaring that this bakery has the best baked goods I have ever laid my eyes on.

Desserts are a hobby of mine, and I am very good at eating. From donuts to cakes, cookies, and everything sweet in between, I love closing my eyes and diving into a baked good. It's a pastime for sure.

Here in Maine, we have so many top-notch bakeries that are shelling out delectable dishes. A couple spots in particular are working together to offer the community yummy treats that you can't get year-round.

They are Bakery Barn LLC and Labadies Bakery in Lewiston, Maine, and they sell out of this item all the time. Why? Because it's just that good.

Here, judge for yourself.

Bakery Barn LLC
Bakery Barn LLC

As you attempt to pick up your jaw from the floor, I will tell you about this brand-new  concoction.

Presenting, a glazed donut filled with maple cheesecake and rolled in candied bacon. The glazed donut comes from Labadies and the maple cheesecake filling and candied bacon are all Bakery Barn!

It's no wonder, because every time I drive down Lincoln Street by Labadies early in the morning or at dusk, the aroma of freshly baked bread fills the air, like a heavenly gift.

Maple plus cheesecake and bacon is heaven wrapped in heaven with sprinkles of, you guessed it, heaven.

Bakery Barn said that these are available at least until the end of this month. However, you can order them, and they will be offered randomly throughout the year.

And you guys, listen. This is just one of their incredible offerings for your mouth to enjoy. They offer so many unique and family made goodies.

Bakery Barn's Facebook page is full of the most mouthwatering desserts and goodies.

If you aren't already on your way there, here's another one I saw that I freaked out about.

Cookie sandwiches are delicious, so check out this snickerdoodle with maple buttercream and sugar cookie with vanilla buttercream and lucky charm marshmallows.

I am going to have a coronary soon due to a yummy overdose. Well done, Bakery Barn!

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