I'm certain most of us adults believe we're already familiar with the rules at adult entertainment venues. They seem obvious and instinctively understood. It might seem like common sense, but people still sometimes break the rules. That's why it's a good idea to remind ourselves of them from time to time. So let's take a moment to refresh our memory on the rules at strip clubs in Maine.

Strip clubs in Maine are ruled by both state laws and local ordinances. These regulations are accessible through Maine.gov. 

According to Strip Club Guide, there are only three strip clubs in Maine. The cities include Bangor, Portland, and Jay.

Okay, so let's get to the rules of what you can and cannot do at Maine strip clubs.

In Maine, strip clubs have to follow rules set by the government.

Age Requirement

One important rule is about age. Only people who are 18 years of age or older can attend a strip club in Maine, according to World Population Review. 


Strip joints need permission to run, pretty much like how you need a license to drive a car. Getting a license means they've passed certain checks and agreed to follow certain rules.

Alcohol & Nudity

If a strip club serves alcohol, they have to be extra careful and follow state laws. You as a patron also have to be careful and not get too intoxicated.

Also, there's a rule that says if they serve alcohol, they can't have people fully naked.


Where a strip club can be located is also controlled by rules called zoning laws. Strip clubs usually have to be far away from places where kids go, like schools or churches.


And just like in any job, there are rules to protect the workers in strip clubs. You cannot touch the dancers or simulate sex acts. The performers have rights, like getting paid fairly and being treated with respect.

These are some rules to follow if you work at or visit a strip club in the state of Maine.

To find more rules and regulations on this, please visit this report put out by Maine.gov. 

Always remember to be safe and respectful.

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