Prepare to be spooked, as I share the scariest story I've ever come across in my 38 years of life.

It's the first documented ghost story, according to American Ghost Walks, and it happened right here in Maine.

Reading it sent shivers down my spine, back, legs, and butt-cheeks. Not to mention it gave me goosebumps on top of my goosebumps.

Let's travel back to 1799 for a horrific tale that has haunted Maine for centuries.

This ghostly narrative stars Nelly Butler, and her apparition has made countless appearances over the years, according to American Ghost Walks.

Once upon a time in the coastal town of Sullivan, Maine, Captain Abner Blaisdell was a widower, and his family started to hear strange noises in their cellar. These noises gradually turned into a voice that actually spoke to them. Say what? Yup!

Whose voice was it? Well, according to the story from American Ghost Walks, it was that of Nelly Butlers, the Captain's deceased wife of 15 years. She passed away after she gave birth to their child, and what she was telling the Captain was very interesting. She told the Captain to remarry their neighbor, Lydia.

Lydia was a whole other situation. Apparently, she was accused of being a witch, but the Captain eventually did marry Lydia, according to the website.

As the story went on to say, Lydia was only 16 years old at the time. Nelly's presence made another haunting prediction that Lydia would die after giving birth to the Captain's child.

Tragically, ten months later, the prophecy came true, and Lydia died while giving birth.

Stefano Pollio via Unsplash
Stefano Pollio via Unsplash

There have been various stories and sightings of Nelly throughout the years.

This ghost didn't hold back on her hauntings and communications with folks. It has been said to have preached on religious topics to people and (this part creeped me out) led 48 people over a mile into the woods during the night on August 13-14, 1800, according to American Ghost Walks.

The website also notes the last time Nelly was seen was in the 1800s in a field.

Is Nelly a benevolent spirit, a poltergeist, or a spirit just trying to pass on?

This ghost remains a historical enigma, and is safe to say it stands out as one of the most spine-chilling ghost stories I've come across in Maine's history.

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