Located at 2025 White Mountain Highway in Conway, New Hampshire, is the O Club.

Who wants to own a dope nightclub? You can!

According to Badger Peabody Smith Realty, this pool hall and night club has been thriving in the community of Conway for over 25 years. This popular hub is now for sale for only $90,000.

The O Club is listed by Greydon Turner at Pinkham Real Estate.

With the opportunity to maintain the spot's vibrant tradition and expand on its existing foundation, the potential for buyers is pretty great.

According to the listing, the current owner has invested in several upgrades, including a new DJ equipment, live edge bar tops, and better gaming options.

Badger Peabody Smith Realtor
Badger Peabody Smith Realtor/Pinkham Real Estate

The lively Mount Washington Valley scene is buzzing with excitement.

According to the listing, there's also a lot of room for expansion, suggesting adding activities like cornhole, indoor golf, or even a pickleball court!

It's essential to note that the sale only concerns the business and its assets. No real estate is included in the transaction.

Badger Peabody Smith Realtor/Pinkham Real Estate
Badger Peabody Smith Realtor/Pinkham Real Estate

As per the O Club's Facebook page, they proudly identify as a military-centric bar & nightclub, expressing a deep support for the military and veterans.

If you want to explore the O Club at 2025 White Mountain Highway, Conway, visit www.badgerpeabodysmith.com to check it out!

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