This is amazing. I was minding my own business when a friend of mine asked, "ddd you see that a flamingo was spotted in Mass"? Tell me why such a simple thing really turned into a whole investigation. It's hilarious and totally bizarre enough where I had to do some research. From there, I talked about this on the radio, and everybody went absolutely insane over this and wanted to see it. So here you go, Maine. If you haven't seen this video already, here's the flamingo just hanging out at Dennis Beach in the Cape.

It's true. A flamingo was spotted in New England for the first time ever, just wading around in the water on Cape Cod. Here's everything you need to know about this rare creature, according to

Firstly, here's what Mark Faherty, a science coordinator for Mass Audubon Cape Cod. said about the sighting:

If the bird is found to be wild, it would be the first American flamingo ever confirmed to have visited the Bay State on its own.

Secondly, not long ago, a flamingo was also spotted on Long Island in New York, which Faherty believes to be "certainly the same bird". He has no idea why it would be flying north.

Thirdly, while this rare bird is very exciting and interesting to see out in the wild, I can't help but be upset that the poor pink darling must have lost its way. I have only really seen flamingos in flocks in Florida, so to me, this story is more sad than fun.

According to National Geographic, a flamingo is what's called a flock bird. They live and feed in groups for safety, so it is not in their nature to be traveling alone.

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