I'll say it. Valentine's Day is really just a day where we're pressured into spending money on our significant other because we don't want their friends significant other to one up us.

Or maybe it feels like it's all about sentimental things that you share with your partner. If it is, we're happy for you. However, if it's not, then just know we feel you. It doesn't all have to be about money on Valentine's Day, especially if you're a little more tight on money after the holidays.

The good news is, you can show your love for your significant other without even spending a dime. You just have to be creative. You can also show them you care on a low-budget (that's real). Let me give you some suggestions to start you out if you live in the Greater Portland area.

1. Ice Skating on Thompsons Point- $16
Here's where you can grab early tickets.

2. Make some home made hot chocolate at home, throw it in a to-go cup, and take your date on a cute winter walk around a close by lake. Try Baxter Woods in Portland off of Forest Ave. It's short enough where you won't freeze, but long enough to get the point across.

3. Paint night at Muse Paintbar- $35-60
To paint a canvas while sipping on some wine is fairly cheap, yet such a fun experience.
I just checked their website, and it looks like they've got killer deals right now. Book it!

Honestly, I prefer these types of thoughtful dates anyways, and I'm sure lots of other ladies would agree! Good luck!

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