Life moves pretty fast, and Portland's food scene does too. One day you're making plans to go to that one restaurant that brings you comfort every Friday, and the next, you're shocked to find out it's closing and re-opening into something completely different. We're becoming notorious for change, and I'll be honest, now that I've gotten used to it, I'm kind of enjoying the variety of cuisine we're getting.

In the last couple months, we've gotten a few cool new spots you might have missed, so here's a few that I keep hearing about.

Off-Track Pizza
Last week, the Miranda Group held their soft opening to Portland's newest late-night pizza spot. Ever since we lost Slice Bar (located on the same street), Portland had nowhere to go to satisfy that late-night slice. This one is exciting, and here's the full rundown of the place in more detail.

Mr. Tuna
Located on Middle St. in Portland, Maine, it was a super cool surprise to drive by and see the outside patio this new sushi place built for the summer.

Thistle & Grouse
This new-ish place is on Cotton Street, in place of Rivalries. It's an "upscale pub", and I'll be honest, I haven't been to it yet. However, I will say their photos on Instagram look delicious, and I'll probably end up going this weekend.

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