Honestly, with the way some of y'all drive, every road in Maine is dangerous. And if you're my dad, he'll tell you that any road his daughter is driving on is the most dangerous one. On a serious note, Maine has a lot of back roads that you may not notice you're speeding down until you see those dreaded blue lights hit your rearview mirror. To me, that makes a road pretty dangerous. There's also super sharp turns in some areas, and rotaries don't seem to be a Mainer's strong point behind the wheel (sorry if I offended you, but I myself am not 100% confident in the way rotaries work).

According to hardywolf.com's list of the most dangerous roads in Maine, there's really only four that stand out as the riskiest, and it's US Route-1, Route 15, Route 201, and Highway I-95.

However, one of these may even feel more close to home if you live in Portland, considering it runs right through it. According to thebowdoinorient.com (and as most of us already know), Interstate 95 runs northeast from one end of Maine to the other, through York, Kennebunk, and Saco, to Portland.

The website also explains that:

Unlike along parts of 95 in other states where a strip mall on the side of the highway every few miles is de rigueur, one cannot see many commercial developments between Portsmouth and Portland.

Drive safe, friends!

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