Look, I'm a New Jersey native, which is basically home to the best bagels in America. So I'm automatically allowed to have an opinion when I hear about this pop-up bagel shop in Boston that everybody is going absolutely upside-down over.

However, my opinion doesn't stand until I try one of Brick Street Bagels. I haven't been able to make it to Boston just yet for one of these bad boys, but based off of the wildly long lines the shop's consumers have formed, I'd say they just might be as good as Jersey's.

Check out the line this girl caught on video:

Their company is called Brick Street Bagels. As the owner describes himself on his website hotplate.com, he's "a Vermont baker located in the South End" (which you probably know as "Southie" if you're a New England native).

Here's a peak at what you'll find if you ever make it to one of their pop-up locations:

I'll say this. I lived in Boston for about seven years before I moved to Maine. I have always stuck to my bagel guns, preaching that no state comes close to New Jersey in the bagel-making department.

So when I tell you this one place called Bagel Guild was my go-to spot during my time in Beantown, that's how you know it's real. This is the only place that felt like it came close to a Jersey bagel, so if you're ever in the city near Haymarket on Hanover Street, you gotta try it out.

Overall, Boston has never really been known for their bagels. So when you see a story like this one, where Bostonians are lining the streets to get their hands on a Brick Street Bagel, my opinion officially lands here. It's gotta be good.

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