It's inevitable. Every spring they return, and the swarms just get thicker as spring turns into summer. The mosquitos are back, and if we want to spend any time outdoors, we have to look for ways to keep them away.

The mosquitos are bad at our house, since we have standing water in the woods. It's nice to hear the peepers out there in the spring, but is a breeding ground for mosquitos. We have it sprayed through the summer by professionals, and it takes care of mosquitos and the ticks.

There are dozens of things on the market that claim to keep the mosquitos away. Popular repellents like Off! and Skin So Soft claim to be able to keep the mosquitos at bay. The drawback is you have to spray or rub that stuff all over your exposed skin to make it work.

There are mosquito coils you can buy that burn slowly to keep mosquitos away, but they never seem to work whenever we go camping.


This might be the solution.

There's a woman on TikTok who was camping, and shared a video demonstrating a method she claims to keep the mosquitos away using coffee. What?

She puts grounds of coffee in a bowl and lights it on fire. It burns slowly, and puts out a scent that mosquitos apparently do not like. Who knew they weren't coffee drinkers?

She did use a K-Cup instead of straight-up coffee grounds, but it's essentially the same thing, I would think.

If anyone has tried this mosquito life hack, let us know if it works.

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