This is the cutest little full-functioning breakfast/snack shack I've ever seen. Recently, my best friend moved out to the Cumberland, Maine, area, so we've been driving around to find new areas we've never been to. While we were cruising, we came across this shack in the middle of a parking lot that's built on an angle, allowing two lines of cars to come through to the windows to order.

It's called the Bru-Thru Shack on Gray Road, and it's absolutely adorable. They've got drinks, sandwiches, bagels, hot dogs, pastries, lunch, snacks, and many other homemade goodies that make stopping in feel like a midday treat.


So my friend and I drove through to check it all out, and I asked the lovely girly working if one we could walk through the drive-thru and order, since she lives within walking distance. I was so excited to hear her say, "Why not?". Now THAT'S service, guys. It's summertime now, so if you like to walk, scooter, bike, or roller blade places, this is cool to know. It's personable, it's not too expensive, and the line's never too long since it's a hidden gem. Now that I just wrote about it, the secret is not-so-secret anymore, but I had to tell you guys!

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