This is the stuff that makes Maine, well, Maine. What a great way to bring the community together without having to worry about anything financial. Coming to Payson Park in Portland's back cove area is a first-of-its-kind summer concert series! I don't know about you guys, but I'm always looking for wholesome activities to do after work in the summer that don't involve cocktails, and it sounds like I just found it!
As per their Facebook post, live concerts will not only be free of charge, but they'll also be held on the first Tuesday of the month in June, July, and August from 6:30-7:30pm.
On their same Facebook post, it says,
Grab your family, your picnic chairs, and your dinner and come join us in the Payson Park Triangle (right off Baxter Blvd) for 3 evenings of music, fun, and community.
Here's a list of bands that they've got scheduled so far:
June 4th : The Pete Kilpatrick Band
July 2nd : Bondeko
August 6th : The FLUKES
Side note: If you've ever been to the Payson Park area, you may know of a restaurant called TIPO, which is within an easy walking distance. They have awesome food there, and a serious woodfire grill for pizzas if you're looking to get dinner before or after the events!

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