Prom Season

For most high school students, prom is a big deal, and not just for the stereotypical reasons you may immediately think of.

It's a night to feel like a celebrity walking the red carpet, complete with limousine rides, fancy tuxes, and glorious dresses.

Without realizing it, it could be one of the last big romantic night for high school sweethearts or one of the final big memorable moments for tight-knit groups of friends.

(Author's Note: Not to be depressive about it, but how many memes and songs exist about not realizing you're living in the "good old days" or that without knowing it, you and your friends went out/went out to play for the last time?)

Photo by Long Truong on Unsplash / Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash
Photo by Long Truong on Unsplash / Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Maine Prom Help

Which is why it's so cool to see so many amazing Maine businesses step up and help students from any high school all over the state make prom season a special, unforgettable time, from literally the very first step.

Securing a prom date.

thebrunswickdiner via Instagram / Amato's via Facebook
the.brunswick.diner via Instagram / Amato's via Facebook

Maine Promposals

Two separate promposals went viral from Prom Season 2024 after getting a massive assist from some really amazing local businesses.

The first of which happened at a popular breakfast and brunch spot in Brunswick, Maine, when The Brunswick Diner helped a student name Tucker secure his big prom ask to his girlfriend, Grace, complete with a previously stashed mock newspaper and a waffle complete with a heart-shaped whipped cream topping.

Amato's via Facebook
Amato's via Facebook

That was followed up with a promposal execution that is popular of some job seekers trying to land their next gig in a creative way -- the ole "pepperoni pizza ask."

With help from Amato's, what seemed like a typical pizza night for a couple of high schoolers snagging a bite from the Norway, Maine, location, ended up being a creative (and delicious) way to secure a date, with the message "I know this sounds cheesy, will you go with me to..." written on the top of the box, and "PROM" spelled in pepperoni on the pizza.

Holy Donut Brunswick High School

But wait, there's more! Because Maine businesses looking out for high school students doesn't just exist for prom season only, and the Brunswick, Maine, Holy Donut location is living proof of that.

Shortly after the Brunswick location opened on May 17, 2024, coming off of the success of their sticker collaboration with Kennebunk High School where all proceeds from stickers sold went to the Kennebunk High Art Department, Holy Donut ran it back with another sticker campaign, this time benefitting Brunswick High School.

There's a reason local always seems to win in Maine -- because when businesses take care of young Mainers early on, those same young Mainers return the favor when they grow up and take care of those same businesses.

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