Big dogs have always been a preference of mine. That's not to downplay your fur baby at home if you have a little doggo, but big ones have always fit my life style better. A huge reason why I moved to Maine and stayed here for so long, is the hiking. Big dogs are the best hiking companions ever.

However, I also would have thought most of Maine has the same type of mindset when it comes to pups and hiking, so I was a bit shocked to find out what they voted as their favorite dog breed.

According to Forbes, the German Shepard took the top spot for most loved dog breed in not only Maine, but 15 other states as well. I would have guessed a golden retriever would have been the top dog breed around here considering the lake life, but I also really love German Shepards so it's ok.

If you're just as surprised as me right now, here's some facts you may not have known about this breed that may help you understand why they're so loved.


According to,

You might be surprised to learn just how companionable these dogs are. In addition to doing police work, you’re likely to find a German Shepherd following their owners on challenging adventures, learning tricks in obedience classes, and playing in the family backyard.


"With their loyal personalities and eagerness to work, you’ll find German Shepherds to be very obedient when it comes to training and following commands. It’s no wonder the German Shepherd is such a popular dog!"


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