It's difficult to find activities to do in the winter time, especially once there's snow on the ground. Especially if you're a hiker, the summer time is where we thrive (I'm one of those hikers). However, just because there's snow on the ground, doesn't mean the hiking adventures have to stop.

Ranked on the list of the best and most beautiful winter hikes in the US, is Gotham Mountain loop in Acadia National Park, Maine, according to

Yes, the colder weather is often a turnoff when it comes to hiking, but it can also serve as a positive on the trails. If you really think about it, frigid temps will also deter most crowds on the trails, leaving them all up to you.

The Gorham Mountain Loop is one of the more popular trails in Acadia (also one of my favorites). This loop became so popular because once you reach the top, you can see Cadillac Mountain in the distance.

On a personal experience side note, if you catch this hike at the exact perfect time when the waterfalls freeze over, you can  look forward to climbing those too.

It's a 3.5-mile hike, making it the perfect distance before your toes start freezing!

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