Winter hiking can be tricky, so one family decided to make a game of it!

Lindsay Morales from Dixfield, Maine, shared a photo with Acadia National Park from a hike on the Gorham Mountain Trail in early December.

On the Acadia National Park Facebook page, she described the hike,

We love spending time in Acadia when there is fresh snow and we decided to hike Gorham Mountain after a recent snowfall. There was a ton of ice and we were prepared with microspikes, but our little guy didn't have any. After helping him walk over a couple of larger stretches of ice because he didn't want to be carried in his pack, we ended up jokingly carrying him using his snowsuit, which turned into a game the entire hike up!

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Morales @lindsayinmaine. Used with permission
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Morales @lindsayinmaine. Used with permission

Hysterical. I love looking at this photo for so many different reasons! Remember carrying your kids around when they were this tiny? It's hard to do that to a 13-year-old. Plus, it could be just as challenging to get a 13-year-old out to hike.

This is a photo that will follow that little guy well into his adult life, and I bet he'll love the memories it brings back.

So, if your little one doesn't have the microspikes to get him or her safely over some icy trails, I bet they've got a snowsuit on! Try playing this game during your hike! But don't forget to grab a picture of it!

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