You have to love how small Portland is. It's so small that you can't even accidentally drive in the wrong direction without being caught. Or in this case, on the wrong piece of earth?  This is a weird thing to write about, because I don't think that anybody who's commenting on this poor guy's car on Facebook has any idea what's actually happening in the photo.

The best part is, my good friend Nate over at Portland Old Port tagged me in this photo that was posted to his Facebook, and of course I had to write a blog post about it, as he would expect, so here we are. He's going to laugh when he reads that part. Hi Nate, thanks for the content!

Okay, so this dude named Pete Peterson, who has a "top poster" badge next to his name on Portland Old Port's Facebook, posted a photo of this Tesla just chillin' and driving down the boulevard in Portland... just not on the road. This is the photo that generated over hundreds of comments below it.


It's wild to me that this is the photo that started such a huge conversation online, but I guess that's what happens when we're all cooped up and bored inside. However, as the internet does to us, I'm not invested, and now need somebody to tell me what exactly was going on here once they figure out the real story. Also, please have them reach out to me so I can interview them on my show, LOL!

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