When my husband and I go out to eat, we will often choose the Epping, New Hampshire, Applebee's.  They have menu options that are pretty healthy for me, and for him, they have all the burgers and fries that his little heart desires.

Even if we are taking a road trip, there are locations all over the state in Epping, Dover, Portsmouth, Derry, Hooksett, Manchester, Concord, and Nashua.

Little did I know that when we made that choice, we could have had a chance to fatten up our wallets along with our bellies.

Since places like Applebee's and Olive Garden have a menu that appeals to many, there is a greater opportunity at places like that for all people from different economic classes to interact with each other, according to nasdaq.com.

Nasdaq cites further research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that says,

...indeed, the most socio-economically diverse places in America are not public institutions, like schools and parks, but affordable, chain restaurants.

That means that people with some money and people with a ton of money are likely to be eating at places like Applebee's.

According to the NASDAQ article, if you frequent one of those restaurants, you might make a rich friend simply because the opportunity for discussion on finances can arise there.

The article states that "low-income folks are far more likely to invest and save" due to conversations with those who do have wealth and the knowledge of how they got that wealth.

As humans, we tend to take advice and live they way our friends do.  In other words, if we have rich friends, we might invest in the stock market or put more money into savings just because they are doing it.

I can't drive past or walk in to an Applebee's without singing this Walker Hayes tune of 2022.  Check it out on your next "date night."

And who knows? You might just make a new friend who could help you learn how to get a little extra cash.

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