I know that I may be biased, having gone to college in New England, but this part of the United States has so much to offer when it comes to education.

I mean, you may have heard of a couple of our colleges and universities. There's a little place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, called Harvard.  We also have a wee town in Hanover, New Hampshire, that is home to Dartmouth University.

And we also have other places that have been recognized for their safety.

A student's area of interest is certainly a primary factor in choosing a college or university, but safety is also a concern for students and parents alike.

According to Research.com, there are a few colleges and universities in New England that were chosen as the safest in the country based on the latest FBI crime statistics.

Durham, New Hampshire

Gotta love the University of New Hampshire, home of the Wildcats!  Like the Marines, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

The university has robust engineering and agricultural programs, among others on a beautiful New Hampshire campus.  Check out this tour of Durham.

Research.com reported that Durham has a violent crime rate of 0.7, which is one of the best in the country and the state itself.

Beverly, Massachusetts

If you choose to go to Endicott College, not only will you be safe on campus, but you will also be in beautiful Beverly, Massachusetts, a gorgeous North Shore Seacoast community.

Research.com reported that the area only has a violent crime rate of 1.0.

North Andover, Massachusetts

From what I can remember, Merrimack College has a great nursing program.  Nurses are always big-hearted and very safe.

As for North Andover? Research.com states that based on FBI reports, "the possibility of becoming a crime victim in this town is one in 39." The site reports that the violent crime rate is 1.1.

Medford, Massachusetts

This drone video gives a great look at the Tufts University campus:

Medford is considered a peaceful city with, according to research.com, a violent crime rate of only 1.3.

Did you go to school at these places?  Do you agree that they were safe and the town itself, too?

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