Waterfall hikes are the best hikes.

It does not matter if you are six years old on your first nature walk, or if you are 60 years old on your 100th hike. Waterfalls are beautiful along any trail.

And what is better than the biggest waterfall? One that you can swim under.

This is Moxie Falls, Maine's biggest waterfall. It has recently been dubbed the best one in the state.

And the best part is that you can legally swim in and under it.

This waterfall hike is perfect for kids and families, as the trail to access the falls is relatively flat and short.

According to the All Trails trail description, the two-mile trail to Moxie Falls only takes about 50 minutes to complete, as it is mostly flat for the first half mile.

There are two special features at Moxie Falls. The first is the ability to swim.

Many waterfalls are not swimmable. The water may be too shallow, the current may be too strong, or the pool below the falls is not clean. Not at Moxie Falls.

According to a Maine Trail Finder article, Moxie Falls is 100% swimmable, as long as proper precautions are taken. The water rushing down the 90-foot waterfall leads into the Kennebec River Gorge, a white water rafting/white water kayaking destination.

So you are allowed to swim under the falls, but be careful not to get swept lower into the Gorge.

The second feature of the falls is for those who don't necessarily want to swim.

There is actually a beautiful lookout just across the way from the waterfall. So, you can watch your family swim from the safety of a wooden platform, with the best view of the falls directly across from you.

Check out the best waterfall in Maine, Moxie Falls, by starting at the trailhead off of Lake Moxie Rd in The Forks, Maine.

The actual parking lot can be found at 503 Lake Moxie Rd, West Forks, ME, 04985.

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