Perhaps this is the former service industry employee in me, but I really can't stand it when people dine and dash. It just blows my mind that someone would order food at a restaurant and leave without paying. Don't go out to eat if you can't afford it! Even if I forgot my wallet, I would be back in the kitchen washing dishes before I ever walked out on my bill. At most restaurants, if that happens, the server has to cover what the dine and dashers owe by taking money from their own tips. HOW WRONG IS THAT?!

So just to summarize:
Ding Dong Ditch = Hilarious.
Dine and Dash = Horrific.

When I lived in Beverly, Steven and I would frequent Fibber McGee's almost every weekend. The food was so good and the vibes were impeccable. I still dream about their mozzarella sticks. They were truly something special.

So naturally, I follow Fibbers on Instagram because I miss them and the work they do. I was appalled by the security cam footage they posted recently. They caught two dine and dashers RED-HANDED (actually more like green-handed), as one of them was holding her Caesar wrap while running to the getaway car.

It's hilarious that they accompanied this footage with the Bad Boys theme song. We love to see a sense of humor, but I am infuriated on their behalf. And the fact that it was two fully-cooked adults makes it so much worse.

I hope they are able to catch these Caesar wrap-stealing criminals. If they can't, they should find solace in that these women won't be coming back to Fibbers ever again. Their faces are as clear as day in this video, and they most certainly would not be welcome.

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