You won't often find me at a five-star restaurant, I am more of a dive bar kind of guy. That being said, there are always reasons to enjoy a fancy dinner two or three times a year.

I'm talking about the anniversary dinners, special birthday dinners, etc.

And for those occasions, you and I probably do the same thing: pull open Safari on your iPhone and type in, "fancy restaurants near me".

Well, you don't need to do that anymore. I've got you covered below.

More often than not, 'fancy' is associated with price. The fancier it is, the more expensive it is. And by the transitive property, the more expensive it is, the fancier it is.

I set out to find the most expensive restaurants in each New England state. Below are the results from a LoveFood article.

Let's start with the 603. The most expensive restaurant in New Hampshire isn't that bad. The other states are CRAZY.

You do get sides with the prime bone-in rib-eye at Hanover Street Chophouse, which takes some of the sting out of its $71 price tag. It’s the most expensive main on the menu, although a few others – including the $69 Surf and Turf, with filet mignon and lobster tail – come pretty close. Diners with more money to burn might want to start the meal off with a Seafood Tower, $112 for the ‘colossal’ size.

I was 26 years old when I found out that fancy restaurants often DO NOT include sides with the meal. This was crazy to me. But yes, at least the $71 steak comes with potatoes. Other states get much, much worse.

Even a bowl of pasta can cost you $160 at this slick French spot in Boston. Mind you, that’s a bowl of pasta topped with shavings of Alba truffle. Surprisingly, there’s a pricier main on the menu at Menton: a fillet of wagyu beef with carrots, Yorkshire pudding, and sour cherry sauce, for $200. If you have a little change leftover, there's also caviar on the menu, with prices up to $300 for 1oz.

Um, is any pasta worth $160? I'll answer that. No way. Also, I do not eat caviar often, but $300 for one ounce seems like complete robbery.

Aside from chef’s tasting menus, restaurant prices in Maine are generally pretty reasonable. UNION Restaurant, a sleek space in the Press Hotel serving seasonal New American cuisine, has a compact menu of dishes made with regional produce. The most expensive main here is the Market Steak, at market price, served with fine herbs and potatoes.

Maine restaurants have reasonably-priced food. That sounds about right for Maine.


A fat rib-eye steak will hike your bill up by $60 at Guild Tavern, although it does come with whipped potatoes, broccolini, and béarnaise sauce. The cozy, tavern-style restaurant, with warm lighting and a proper fire, is all about locally sourced produce, from the best-quality meat and seafood to the roasted mushrooms served with gnocchi, which is rolled in house.

Similar to Maine, Vermont pricing also seems pretty fair.

Steaks and seafood dishes infused with regional, seasonal flavors are the focus at Mill’s Tavern, a chic, warmly-lit restaurant that’s particularly popular for special occasions. Its prices are on the special side too, with the 32oz wagyu tomahawk rib-eye steak a whopping $197. By the time you’ve added starters, side dishes, drinks, and maybe desserts, you’re facing a pretty hefty check.

This is a great example of the no-side rule; a nearly $200 steak with nothing else. So you have to add a veggie and a carb. That could take you to nearly $350 for one person.

Another steakhouse, another wagyu steak guaranteed to put a dent in your bank balance. The priciest main at David Burke Prime is the 16oz Boneless Japanese Wagyu Beef Rib-eye, at $250. There are a few other menu items creeping up not far behind, though, including the delightful combination of caviar and tater tots, costing as much as $200.

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