I was perusing the Seacoast Eats Facebook group when I found an interesting conversation being had, so I started lurking in the comments.

A woman asked if there are any local bakeries that make a good Pizzagaina for Easter here on the Seacoast. Many people responded with my initial thought, "What the heck is Pizzagaina?!" A few people assumed the contributor made a spelling error, and started giving her recommendations for great pizza places. And then someone who wanted to add a little humor commented "I hear pizzapenis is great as well." I know it's juvenile, but I laughed out loud.

The original contributor went through and kindly educated some people (it's me, I'm people) on what Pizzagaina is. Turns out it is nothing like pizza, despite its name.

Pizzagaina is an Italian Easter Pie. It is cheese (mozzarella, pecorino Romano, etc.), eggs, and Italian cold cuts with a pie-like crust.

Kim Barrone via Facebook
Kim Barrone via Facebook

So now that we established what the heck it is, is there a bakery in New Hampshire that makes this yummy concoction that sounds like a mix between a quiche and an Italian sub? The short answer is no. Well, not on the Seacoast at least.

Someone mentioned they thought Presto Craft Kitchen in Manchester offered it. Another commenter orders her Pizzagaina from Spinelli’s in Peabody, Massachusetts, every year. Someone else mentioned Andyman's in Amesbury, MA.

Borelli's in Methuen, MA, usually offers a Pizzagaina. But they won't this year, as they are doing another traditional Italian Easter pie.

The Valley Dish via Facebook
The Valley Dish via Facebook

The original woman who posted circled back and let everyone know that she ended up ordering her Pizzagaina from Lacascia's Bakery & Deli in Burlington, MA. I'm genuinely glad she let us know, because I was very invested in her quest for Pizzagaina. Perhaps next year, a restaurant on the Seacoast will provide it so our girl doesn't have to drive so far. I'm looking at you, Patty B's! ;)

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