It's not in their job description, but some would say that it's part of the job as a community leader.  However you add it up, digging in the trash is above and beyond any elected or volunteer town leader.

But that's just what happened when a Strafford dad, Jake McAlpin, was cleaning up the porch and taking trash to the town landfill.

When he returned, his daughter Charlotte was searching around the house and on the porch for her beloved stuffed animal named Cupcake. Charlotte has had Cupcake since she was four years old, and had washed it and left it to dry on the porch.

It was then Jake realized that was what he put in the trash and took to the dump.

Not only was it in the trash, but the compactor had already packed it in.  So when a plea from Charlotte's mom on Facebook happened to be read by a town official, that's when they went into action.

Town Selectman Brian Monahan saw the post and called Dan Conway, the Superintendent of Strafford Recycling Center.  From there, they went into action and dug through compacted trash.

Not only that, they used their hands and bulldozers to pull out the bags, which had been tightly compacted.  It seemed like a one-in-a-million shot, but sure enough, after digging and digging, Monahan's wife found the sentimental animal, which was in pretty good shape after all it had been through.

The McAlpin's are happy and so grateful to the town of Strafford, New Hampshire.  They obviously have the right people running the town, who care about their residents.

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