There's definitely no shortage of great eateries and restaurants throughout Massachusetts. And that also includes some amazing bakeries! There are several of them on a local level throughout the Bay State that deserve accolades for what they provide in their respective communities. But one bakery in particular has been receiving some national recognition! As it turns out, this Massachusetts bakery, exclusive to the Bay State, happens to have been named one of the best bakeries in the U.S.

The food publication 'Restaurant Clicks' recently released their list of the 12 Must-Try Bakeries in the U.S. for Delicious Baked Goods and sure enough, one of the spots in there belongs to a popular bakery in Massachusetts.

While there are tons of bakeries across the Bay State that could have been the pick to make this elite list, which bakery in Massachusetts did 'Restaurant Clicks' select? It turns out that it was none other than Flour Bakery + Cafe in Boston.

Here's a little of what 'Restaurant Clicks' had to say about Flour Bakery + Cafe making their list of the top bakeries in America:

Flour Bakery + Cafe has ten locations throughout the Boston, Massachusets, and Cambridge, Massachusetts areas...It was founded by Joanne Chang and her husband, Christopher Myers in 2000. The bakery offers several loaves of bread, cakes, cookies, tarts, and breakfast pastries.

There are 10 locations to choose from! Not only that, but they also mention that you can order baked goods, as well as merch throughout the U.S. Or, of course, you could just make the road trip that's within hours to head to Flour Bakery + Cafe because as you can tell, it seems well worth it...

They pretty much have something for every single season, including a Mozzarella Sandwich! How could you not be drooling over that? You can check out their entire menu or even order at the link provided here! As 'Restaurant Clicks' called them, they certainly seem like a 'must-try' spot if you happen to be out that way, Massachusetts!

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