Nearly 1,000  people gathered in a soccer field not far from New Hampshire Hospital to honor the staff, patients, first responders, and slain security officer Bradley Haas Monday night.

Governor Chris Sununu told the crowd that Haas, a former police chief in Franklin, was an "absolute hero" who kept gunman John Madore contained to the lobby despite not having a weapon.

"We celebrate what Brad gave, the sacrifice he gave and the number of people that he saved, but I think a lot of folks came out today to remember we have hundreds, thousands, of people out there every single day putting their lives on the line," Sununu told CBS Boston.

The governor told the crowd that Haas will never be forgotten for all the lives he saved.

Candle at a vigil supporting first responders, staff and patients at NH Hospital 11/20/23
Candle at a vigil supporting first responders, staff and patients at NH Hospital 11/20/23 (Gov. Chris Sununu)

First and last person of the day

New Hampshire Hospital CEO Ellen Lapointe remembered Haas as the first and last person hospital staff saw to begin and end their day, according to WHDH TV.

“Under his quiet, unassuming demeanor, was a courageous professional who died protecting New Hampshire Hospital patients and staff," Lapointe said

Lapointe said that hospital is appreciative of the outpouring of love and support following the shooting, and is ready to move ahead to safer days.

"Rest assured, we've got this. Because we are strong as granite," Lapointe said

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