He made it! Jeremy Henry has arrived safely in his hometown of Orange, Texas with a truckload of supplies from Maine. Jeremy was directed to drop off his supplies at a local church. Here's the pastor with a message of thanks to all Mainers:



Here's some cool video of the unloading of the truck. Look at all the stuff! Fantastic.



The last time we saw the truck in Portland is was packed to the brim. THANK YOU!


guy truck


Talk about springing into action! In less than eight hours last Friday, Mainers filled a 26-foot truck chock full of supplies for the people of Texas. The idea was the brainchild of Jeremy Henry of Lewiston. Henry grew up in Orange, Texas. His hometown received over 42 inches of rain. Henry posted on his Facebook page

“Most of my family and friends have lost everything and the people of Orange are hurting and desperate. You’ve seen the news and it is worse than you think!”

Krista Newman and the gang at Aura in Portland saw the post and decided to take immediate action. One quick phone call to Townsquare's Mike Marcello and the plan was set. The radio stations' would get the word out and Jeremy would take the truck full of supplies to shelters back in his home state over the long weekend. All the planning started on THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Better late than never!  We needed to make this happen FAST.

On Friday morning, the Townsquare Media morning show crews showed up bright and early to get the word out. The truck that Aura rented was empty, but we knew that Mainers would come through. And you DID.

Mike Marcello
Mike Marcello


See the truck get filled up and hear Jeremy's story:



The people of Maine always come through for us. THANK YOU!


kids truck


Here's what the truck looked like at 1pm. WOW!

fill truck





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