It's one of our most favorite morning shows of the year. The annual meeting of the minds with The Captain, Celeste and Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company and makers of Sam Adams Beer. You are invited to join us to be part of our live audience at the Porthole Restaurant and Pub in Portland. Come on down for breakfast and some Sammies on Tuesday, August 21st anytime after 6am. You can hang with the Blimp Crew with the man who started the craft beer revolution...the man, the myth, the LEGEND-Mr. Jim Koch.

The coolest thing about craft brewers is their sense of collaboration and support. We've never seen anything quite like it. Ye, they are competitors but at the end of the day they are brothers and sisters in the art and science of making craft beer and they support each other in that endeavor. Here's Jim with high praise for Maine Brewers!


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