Every one has a bucket list. Many people, like myself, have an Aerosmith concert on that list. When I was 8 years old I had a piggy bank with a note on it that read: "Aerosmith Fund." Aerosmith has come to New England a few times since then, but I've never had the opportunity to partake in the fun.

Credit: Michelle Hutchins

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait! Oh yes indeed. As I celebrated my mother's birthday (who doesn't want their daughter to get them concert tickets for their birthday?!) we enjoyed the concert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass. with the enthusiasm and energy of an all night dance party!

Credit: Michelle Hutchins

When the show had finished, the encore was done, and the bright, loud bangs and flashes and ceiling confetti had fallen. We still stood there. It was a night we wanted to never end. Lucky us! Steven Tyler had one more surprise up his sleeve for the evening ...

"Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow himself ... Johnny Depp!" Wait! What?! Adrenaline pumped an over dose through my body! Not only have I had a crush on Steven Tyler since I was 8 but I had the same crush on Johnny Depp! Irrationality took over and I screamed and jumped and danced and celebrated in pure excitement. But nothing happened. I started to doubt myself. I thought, "I feel foolish. I thought he just introduced Johnny Depp! How silly of me. Why would Johnny Depp be introduced at the end of an Aerosmith show?"

Credit: Michelle Hutchins

OUT WALKS JOHNNY DEPP WITH HIS GUITAR!! He played "Train Kept A Rollin'" like he was part of the band! I felt like a teeny-bopper at a Bieber concert. Heart pounding my celebration started all over again!

Here's a clip of Johnny Depp shredding his guitar on stage for your viewing pleasure:

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