Wow, we knew it was hot this past month but the HOTTEST in recorded history?

Yup, according to our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray:

"The average temperature and average low at Portland Maine were warmer than any other month ever recorded since records began in November of 1940! The average temperature in July at Portland was 73.7F and the average low temperature was 65.6F, which break the previous record values of 73.1F and 63.5F respectively."

Amazing. Not just the warmest July ever, the warmest all-time of ANY month.

Overall, Portland was pretty lucky. Places like Sanford and Fryeburg saw plenty of days in the 90s.

No complaining about the heat allowed, but I would be ok with a bit cooler August. Usually, I see my first red leaf in a week or so.

The BEST weather of the year is the next 100 days in Maine



And the weather hit just keep on coming. On top of a global pandemic, social unrest, and Great White Sharks, now Maine has to deal with a tropical storm!

Look for heavy rain and some flash flooding. Here's the track as we see it now:


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