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I am finally confident that the threat of snow has passed, we can now get down to spring yard clean up. Let’s keep it environmentally friendly and organize our to-do list:

  • Clean up all of the debris caused by wind, rain and snow. Don’t put those branches into your trash cans though! Check out your town's website for drop off locations and spring clean up collection days. You can also rent a wood chipper at your local hardware store or home center.
  • Last year’s dead leaves will prevent this spring’s grass from getting the sunlight it needs. Old fall leaves make great compost.
  • Your yard would love a little wake up shot of natural fertilizer after it’s long hibernation. Use some compost or a store bought organic fertilizer.
  • Chemical weed killers can be replaced with regular old vinegar or a store bought natural herbicide.
  • Sharp blades on your mower are important for keeping your lawn healthy. When blades are dull they damage your grass and they become more open to disease, weeds and insects.

Spring lawn clean up isn’t my favorite thing to do, but by breaking it down it just might be manageable!

I get why I have to pick up so many branches, but where do all of these rocks come from?


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