We have a short and sweet couple of months of summer here in Maine and we locals make the most of it.

We spend our days mowing down on the freshest seafood, taking the boat out on the lake, sipping on a cold beer with good people, soaking up the sun on restaurant patios, and going to one of many, many beaches we have scattered around the state.

Mainers are blessed to have countless opportunities for spending a day on the water; my favorite places to go are in Scarborough since there are so many beaches in one area, you are bound to find a good spot to relax for the day.

The most important part about going to Scarborough in the summer, though, is to stop by Ken's Place.

Ken's Place in Scarborough, Maine

If you're from Maine, you already know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, mark your calendar.

THE spot to get seafood in Maine opens this week on Friday, March 24 at 11 a.m.!! This is a HUGE deal. This is the start of summer in Maine, baby!!!

The famous spot posted on Facebook sharing their opening date and their excitement to see us all soon.

More than 400 people "liked" the post, showing how popular this spot is.

Ken's has been serving Mainers fresh and delicious seafood in generous portions since 1927, so you can trust they know what they're doing and they've mastered their practice. Ken's was the first place I ever tried fried clams so the bar was set high for me from the start.

Nothing screams "summer" quite like eating an old-fashioned clam bake on a picnic table with the heat of the sun prickling your back and sipping on a cold lemonade. It's 45 degrees out while I write this article and Ken's opens in four days so if you ask me, summer is practically here!

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