It's mid-November but winter weather has already hit Maine and New Hampshire. We're looking at more snow on Tuesday and perhaps again on Friday.

Here are the latest snowfall totals from the past 24 hours in Maine. Great stats from our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray!

  • Livermore Falls-4 inches
  • Farmington--3 inches
  • Newry--4.5 inches
  • Ashland, NH---5.0 inches
  • Lancaster, NH---5.0 inches

Get the full list here:


Here are the AVERAGE snowfall amounts for November. Let's see if we blow these away this year!

  • Portland-1.9 inches
  • Brunswick-2.7 inches
  • Augusta-3.6 inches
  • Presque Isle-7.0 inches
  • Bangor-2.3 inches

More snow in the mountains today! Sunday River looks like it's in full swing already!



Sugarloaf is looking good!


Here's your forecast for today.





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