According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, Ralphie the Emu is about to start his 22 hour journey from Lisbon, Maine to Locust Grove, Georgia to join a flock of 60 emus. Maybe Ralphie will even find love.

The local celebrity has lived under the care of Janet Tuttle at Rockin' T Equine Sanctuary for ten years. Janet has done the best she can for Ralphie, but the move to Georgia will unite him with new friends and provide the 19 year old bird with the veterinary care that he needs. There aren't a lot of emu doctors in our corner of the world.

Janet raised the $3,000 to pay for his transportation by selling t-shirts. Even though she says she will miss him, she is happy that he will have a more secure home. See, Ralphie busted out of Rockin' T back in June. He was captured the next day but his escape made it apparent that Ralphie needed a better permanent home. The big bird was loaded into a special truck with his bedding, food water and yummy grapes for his trip to a warmer clime to meet up with like minded friends.

Happy trails, Ralphie.

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