We know you may not be able to get out and spend as much time outdoors as you may like right now. So if you can't go out into Maine, we will bring Maine to YOU! And if you want to talk, Maine, then you have to talk LIGHTHOUSES. Maine has over 3,000 miles of coastline and over 60 lighthouses. And they are beautiful. Check out some of these live Webcams. Go full screen, turn up the volume to hear the surf and ZEN OUT, Maine-style!

Cape Elizabeth-this has a great view of Portland Harbor. You can see Fort Gorges way in the background.



NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE -York-this one has three different views you can choose. Plus some cool time-lapse video too!


ROCKLAND BREAKWATER LIGHTHOUSE-I like that one side is active and the other side like glass. It'll mess with your mind if you stare at it too long! This is also fun because it has a microphone and you can hear what people are saying as they walk out.


Rockland Breakwater Webcam
Rockland Breakwater Webcam





PEMAQUID POINT LIGHTHOUSE-this is a cool view looking at the lighthouse. Here's a view of the surf.



MARGINAL WAY PATH-Ogunquit. This is a cool one as you can choose from four different shots.


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